About Us

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a service based company in the Information Technology domain with over three years of experience in building end-to-end software applications. The founders, Aaron Prince and Sukoon Kohli have both completed their masters in computer science from renowned universities. They have a combined software development experience of more than 25 years between them and are constantly on the lookout for the next challenge.

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. specialize in multiple fields of technology development which include websites, web applications, mobile applications and software development. They are known to design great looking interfaces which provide end users with an exciting experience, while at the same time providing robust backend solutions and well designed databases to service each application in the most effective manner.

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have a multitude of satisfied clients that span over multiple domains in a number of cities in India as well as the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Each project is tackled with great attention to detail while providing the best solution for each requirement. Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. not only meets the requirement that each client has but helps to build on an idea, thereby creating something unique that adds great value to every client. Innovation has always been at the core of their ideology and they take great care to maintain the quality that has become synonymous with their brand.

Our Vision

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. always maintains a client/end-user-first approach that changes the way technology is viewed and accepted in the developing, as well as developed nations of the world. Our mission is to provide a fluid and exciting user experience while dealing with complicated software systems to bridge the gap between the technology savvy and relatively inexperienced users. We as a company, strive to create efficient and robust end-to-end solutions that help businesses grow and achieve the goals they have set for themselves, while keeping in mind all the human beings that will eventually interact with the system and become an integral part of it.

Our Mission

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has worked with a vast number of small, medium and large scale organizations that span across multiple domains. Every technology requirement, irrespective of it’s scale and reach has been handled with a great amount of passion and love. We as a company handle the development life cycle by separating concerns into individual modules, each one handled with great care and innovation. We love to keep abreast of the latest technology and the latest standards when it comes to programming the core of every solution we deliver. The potential users of each solution are taken into consideration at every step of the development process, to ensure that their experience with the application is an exciting and pleasurable one.

Our Values


Our Core Team

Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has a skilled and passionate development team. Every member is an expert in their own technology domain, thus enabling creativity and allowing ideas to flourish for every project. Each member of the team feels a sense of ownership when it comes to their work, which encompasses not only the core algorithms but also the look and feel of every application. Every member of the team has at least a master’s degree in a computer science related domain, making them qualified and dependable when it comes to writing efficient code.


Divergenic Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are technology partners with Unified Business Technologies, a company based out of the United States with an impressive client portfolio and decades of experience in a number of industries.



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